Thursday, January 3, 2019

9VAe Ver.0.6.4 is released

9VAe Ver.0.6.4   released here.
  • Added 'Smooth Line' operation to the center menu of the selection. Move to right=>Line, Move to Left=>Round curve.
  • Added '-smooth' option to Batch conversion of Animated GIF.
  • Added '-info' option to Batch conversion which show the size and the time of animation.
  • Bug fix SVG export.(Wrong Undo operation in the AnimeCasts.)
  • Bug fix SVG import.('z' in the middle of the path string.)
  • Bug fix the text color of Onion skin.
  • Added whilte lines to the point in the Point mode.
  • Changed the operation of the Selection button after selection.(Go to Point mode.)

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