9VAe Download

9VAe is a powerful free software which can create 2D animation using vector graphics. Use of shape tweening eliminates the need to create animation frame-by frame. You can produce SVG / GIF / APNG animation easily.


    Old Mac

    • PC Version Download (Click  the icon above and click  Untitled.png in the upper right. Download ZIP and Extract it.)
    • *99p : 9VAePro can make 99 pages animation.

    System requirements

    Windows10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, 64bit / 32bit
    MacintoshOSX 10.4 - (Intel/PowerPC)
    Raspberry PiRaspbian-Stretch/Jessie-PIXEL/Jessie/Wheezy Linux
    Ubuntu / Linux Mint / Xtra-PCUbuntu 14,16,18 / Linux Mint 17,18 (Linux x86 32bit)
    LanguageEnglish, French, Japanese
     Android / ChromebookAndroid 5.0-
    LanguageEnglish, Japanese

    How to download ?  


    Windows :

    1. Click 9va-win (Windows)
    2. Click (Download button) >Download will start.
      If you see the following message, click the down arrow button down-button.png on the right hand side and click 'Keep'. chrom-mess-eng.png .
    3. Save 9vawXXXX.zip on your computer.
    4. To extract zip file right click on the file, then click Extract and select the place where you want to extract the 9VAe files.
    5. Double click 9va-win 9vae48x48.png in the '9va' folder. 9va-win will start.
    • If you see the following message, Click 'Run'.
      "The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?"
    • If you can't run, Click 'Run as administrator' on the Right Mouse Button click.

    Create shortcut

    1. Right-Click on the icon9va-win(.exe) > Click 'Create shortcut'
    2. Drag and drop the short cut onto the desktop.
    3. Double click the short cut, 9va-win will start.

    See Tutorial Animation

    1. Double click demo(.bat) in the '9va' folder. Tutorial animation and 9va-win will start all together.
    2. Click the Tutorial animation to see how to make a sample animation.

    Macintosh :

    1. Click 9va-mac ( Macintosh )
    2. Click ( Download button) >Download will start.
      If you see the following message, click the down arrow button down-button.png on the right hand side and click 'Keep'. chrom-mess-eng.png .
    3. Double click 9vaeXXXX.zip. > 9vaeXXXX.dmg will appear.
    4. Double click 9vaeXXXX.dmg. > 9VAe drive will appear.
    5. Double click 9VAe.app9vae57x48.png in the 9VAe drive. 9va-mac will start.
    • '9VAe.app' is not an App Store application. You have to regist it to Gatekeeper at first.
    • First, try clicking the 9VAe icon with Right button (hold down Control key and Click, or two-fingers touch) and select "Open" from the menu.
    • Depending on the OS, you may need to do this twice. Once you've set permission to execute, you can start 9VAe by Double click next time.

    See Sample animations and Tutorial animations

    1. Double click 9View(.app)9vae57x48.png in the 9VAe drive. Sample animations and tutorial animations will start.

    Animation Example


    9VAe Introduction

    1. Free SVG/GIF/APNG Animation editor : 9VAe
    2. 9VAe Download and Install

    9VAe Beginner Tutorials

    1. 9VAe Beginner Tutorial 0 - Overview
    2. 9VAe Beginner Tutorial 1 - Input, Select, Move, Resize...
    3. 9VAe Beginner Tutorial 2 - AnimeCast, Time
    4. 9VAe Beginner Tutorial 3 - Edit AnimeCast, Loop
    5. 9VAe Beginner Tutorial 4 - Time Curve, Copy Pages, GIF
    6. How to make a long animation with 9VAe

    9VAe Next Step Tutorials

    1. How to make APNG from SVG for LINE animated Stickers?
    2. Make Barrel Fish animation from Openclipart SVG
    3. Six steps to make SVG Animation from Openclipart
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    9VAe Animation Examples

    1. 9VAe's GIF/SVG Animation examples in Openclipart

    9VAe Technical Information

    Other Languages