Wednesday, February 15, 2023

9VAe can make 99 pages!

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  • 9VAe can now speak. The following video was produced with 9VAe.


  1. Export does not work in the latest win version 1.2.1. However, if the same file is loaded in version 0.9.1 then export to mp4 works.

    1. What OS ? Mac Intel or M1 or Windows ?
      If Mac, Try Ver.1.2.2 ( .

    2. The OS is Win10. 9va-win.exe creates a __tmp_ directory and fills it with *.bmp images, but does not call ffmpeg.exe and delete the __tmp_ directory. I tried without antivirus and it doesn't work. Older version 0.9.1 works without problems.

      I also don't know why the rotation of jpg images doesn't work. SVG vector image rotates. It doesn't work on the older version either. The image remains the same although the frame shows that it is rotated. The anime cast doesn't rotate either. The direction of the action is rotated, but the objects have the same orientation.

  2. **not delete the __tmp_ directory**.

    1. -1- Please test the following:
      1. Help Menu > Sample > Remix
      2. File menu > Movie Export...
      3. Enter MP4 folder and name > Save
      4. Click Start.

      * Can 9VAe export MP4?

      -2-If it failes, do the next test.
      1.Open the folder where ffmpeg.exe exists.
      2.Hold Shift key down and right-click mouse button
      at an empty place in the folder.
      3.Click "Open Power shell Window here"
      or "Open Terminal here" in the context menu.
      4. Enter .\ffmpeg

      * Do you see the version of ffmpeg ?
      * Tell us the version of ffmpeg.

      -3- Image rotation..
      9VAe cannot rotate bitmap images and text. Sorry.
      9VAe can rotate only vector images.

  3. See Youtube to install FFmpeg in 9VAe for Windows.