How to use 9view ?

What is 9view ?

  • 9view is a free 9VAe animation player which is included in 9VAe download module.
  • 9view is used as the player in the workshop and also used as the digital signage in Kids Plaza Osaka.
  • 9view will start in the full screen if 9view is renamed as '9view-full'.

How to use 9view in Workshop

  • Drag an animation file onto '9view-full' icon, the animation will play repeatedly.
  • Drag an animation folder onto '9view-full' icon, all the animation except auto-saved file will play repeatedly.
  • The file name and play mode will be shown on the title bar.
  • Key operation
     Left arrow,  Right arrow[ Left Arrow ] Go to the previous scene or the previous animation.
    [ Right Arrow ] Go to the next scene or the next animation.
     Up arrow, Down arrowChange animation speed. Hit [Up arrow] to speed up the animation.
     Space barPause the animation. '<STOP>' will be shown on the title. Press [ Space bar ] or [ Enter ] to continue.
     EscRewind and stop the animation.
    If you press this key when the animation is stopped, Exit dialog will be appear.
     Enter(1) Continue the animation.
    (2) Change the operation when the animation ends. The title will be changed as follows.
    1. None: The animation will stop.
    2. (AUTO): The next animation will start.
    3. (AUTO->): The animation will go to the next scene after 10 seconds even if it includes Pause Button, Turn, Loop. The next animation will start at the end of animation.
  • The MIDI and MP3 file named '_bgm' at beginning will be the background music.
  • The animation will be synchronized with the background music.
  • If the first page of the animation includes a Music file, the background music will stop.

How to use 9view as Digital Signage

  • Drag an animation folder onto '9view-full' icon, all the animation will play in the name order repeatedly.
  • If there are '_bgm10sec.eva' or '_bgm20sec.eva' in the folder, the animations will play after each 10 seconds or 20 seconds.

Benefits of using 9view for digital signage

  • Cost free
  • Animations can be edited while they are playing.
  • Editing texts, figures, pictures of 9VAe is easier than movies.
  • The data size of 9VAe is much smaller than movies. You can store many animations in a USB memory.