9VAe Kids Plaza version

  • Ver.0.5.3-170412
    • Improved variable width stroke. (Fill, Open / Close, Width conversion in AnimeCast).
    • Added copy variable width function to Width Setting Menu.
    • Added copy selected points to the next or previous page.
    • Added In-Between selected points.
    • Improved SVG export (Variable width strokes).
    • Improved SVG import (Large point data).
    • Decimal (ex 29.97) fps becomes available for GIF/APNG/QuickTime.
    • Bug fix (Edge color of text).
  • Ver.0.5.2-170314
    Select AnimeCast and click time of page, then time of AnimeCast will appear.
  • Ver.0.5.1-170215
    Improved the texts in the setting window of Exporting animation.
  • Ver.0.5.1-170214
    Changed the guidance on the page area. Added interval play. (The animation named _bgm20sec.eva will be played after every 20 seconds.) 
  • Ver.0.5.0-170131
    Debugged "The variable width line with 2 points cannot be seen."
  • Ver.0.5.0-170130
    Debugged "The variable width line cannot be saved". Improved the sensibility of selecting.
  • Ver.0.5.0-170128
    Improved zooming after the example animation is loaded.
  • Ve.0.5.0-170123
    The save folder is changed at every time when the software keyboard is pressed.
  • Ver.0.5.0-170117
    Debugged "A long variable width line crashes".
  • Ver.0.4.17-170115
    Added variable width line. The line width can be changed according to Pen pressure on Wacom Tablet. 
  • Ver.0.4.17-161224
    Added Age and Sex input keyboard.
  • Ver.0.4.17-161221
    Large buttons on the Color Palettes. 
  • Ver.0.4.15-161219
    Enlarged Tool icons.
  • Ver.0.4.15-161218
    Added Language exchange button on the software keyboard.
  • Ver.0.4.15-161213
  • Ver.0.4.15-161212
  • Ver.0.4.15-161211
  • Ver.0.4.15-161210
    Added Japanese and English software keyboard.